My Workshop

Golden Path Pedals is a boutique electronic effects pedal design and manufacturing company.  We specialize in unique, limited run effects pedals used by guitar, bass and keyboard players around the world.  Our products are set apart by being sonically interesting with a high degree of musicality and of course, superior quality and dependability.  They are designed and made in Silicon Valley, California, USA.


We use the technology which is the best fit for achieving our design goals, whether its old through-hole NOS components or new high pin count surface mount DSPs.  Most of the product definition, architecture and design are done at Golden Path. Occasionally we invite a guest designer from Silicon Valley to contribute some or all of a product concept and/or design.

Some guiding principles for our designs

Top quality components – sourced from anywhere around the world

Effective hand circuit layout and grounding techniques

Rugged enclosures with durable finish and graphics

Superior build quality – road worthy – you can stomp on it all you want

True bypass switching – When the pedal is off, it’s completely out of the signal path

The signal is always in the analog domain – unless it’s in the digital domain

As quiet as possible – minimize clicks & pops, white noise, etc.

Low power for longer battery life

Printed circuit boards – For reliability and consistent performance

LED status indicators – Not just off/on, but for important functions.


Golden Path pedals are individually hand-built & tested by us at our workshop.  Below are some pictures from our workshop; from the engineering lab to the production area.