Telecasters are famous for their bright crisp tone.   They’re perfect for Chicken-Picking,  Blues Wailing and any otherstyle where the notes are coming fast and furious and clarity is a must.  Teletone clean boost pedal frees the pickups on your guitar to perform their best by having a super high input impedance that doesn’t load them down.  When your pickups are loaded down, they can sound muddy and lifeless and not deliver the tone you want.  With Teletone, your notes are clean and clear with a ringing sustain.


Teletone is great for 12 string and steel guitar players too.  Get that jangle – chime – bell tone sound. Teletone has a Brite button for situations where your lead needs to cut through and stand out.  It adds gain to the upper registers while keeping the lower registers the same.  Overall volume is set with a 4 position selector switch for 1X, 2X, 5X and 10X gain.  1X and 2X are for subtle volume increases.   5X and 10X to help you really cut through. Because it’s a selector switch, you can instantly switch to a different preset volume. Your sweet spot is saved permanently.


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