Preview of Bone Bender Fuzz pedal – Bringing down the house

Before a pedal is ready for release, it goes through extensive listening tests followed by endless tweaking to get the tone just right.

For distortion and overdrive pedals, a big part of listening is at very high volumes.  The soon to be released Bone Bender is no exception.

We are “leaking” this short demo video of the Bone Bender to give you a sneak peak (listen) of what is to come, but mainly so you can see the Bone Bender pedal “walk” across the top of the speaker cabinet caused by the vibrations.  We think its pretty cool.

The pedal walks because there isn’t a bottom with rubber feet to hold it in place.  We keep the bottom off so we can do the changes to the design easier.  Of course, production Bone Benders will have bottoms and feet.  They will stay solidly where they are placed.

Our test rig for this video consisted of the following: An Epiphone Les Paul, with  Gibson Humbucker pickups instead of the stock Epiphone ones.  The amplifier is a Marshall 18 watt, but played through an external speaker cabinet with 2 x 12 inch Greenback Celestion speakers.  The level control of the Bone Bender is not very high, so there is no distortion contributed by the pre-amp inside the Marshall.

We think the Bone Bender sounds pretty sweet.  Not too heavy and fuzzy like a Fuzz Face and not too much piercing high end treble like a Tone Bender.  We would love to know what you think.  Send us a comment.