Guitarist Mike McGee test drives a Mad Man EX OD pedal

Guitarist Mike McGee test drives a Mad Man Extreme Overdrive pedal through a vintage stock 1965 Fender Vibrolux Reverb with twin Jensen 10″ speakers. He is using his Scofield Model Ibanez guitar. The demo shows how a little overdrive crunch from the Mad Man EX can add some extra sparkle to Jazz styles. Mike is […]

Buying your guitar gear

Where to buy your guitar gear

Here are the best types of stores to buy guitar gear at: 1. Your local music store Stop by the local music store if you are lucky enough to live near a good one. They tend to come in two flavors. Many are old school – more accordions and clarinets than guitars. The owners might […]

Orianthi at NAMM 2014 in Roland booth

Orianthi at NAMM 2014

Orianthi at NAMM 2014 At the Roland suite I saw a performance by Orianthi, the Australian musician, singer-songwriter and guitarist known for being Michael Jackson’s lead guitarist and also the lead guitarist in Alice Cooper’s live band. She was doing a demo of the Roland CUBE-GX Series and the new BOSS pedals OD- 1X and […]