Pedalboard ac adapter

How to best power your complex pedalboard

How to pick the right power supply to power your pedalboard: Smart power supply selection and power cable layout will: Eliminate hum and noise Help you deal with compatibility of pedals issues Address the blizzard of different voltages Connectors and contribute to the efficient and clean layout of your pedalboard What you should really base […]

Mad Man Overdrive Pedal 2.1mm power jack

How to power a pedal board

Today we unravel how to navigate pedal voltages, polarities and connectors when it comes to pedal boards. How to power your pedal board is such a technical part of the pedalboard process that we’ll be back in a week with a second part. In the early days of guitar pedals, every designer did what they wanted […]

Dual Loop Pedal New Artwork

We updated the look of the dual loop pedal to make it fit better into our switching pedal line-up.   Now its crisp and clean – in keeping with its no nonsense functionality.  We are saving the skull, crossbones and other crazy graphics for the effect pedals. You can see it below with its companion single […]

Pedal Board

Getting your guitar effects pedals order right

How to choose pitch and modulation effects for your pedal board This is the second of three parts related to how to organize a pedal board. In the first installment of this three-part blog available here at Pedal Board Part 1,I talked about the basic compliment of effects pedals you need on your pedal board:  tuner, […]